Aguapé is an all-Brazilian company, specialized in the tanning of exotic skins. Our current activity is mainly focused on the tanning, dyeing and finishing of skins from Tilapia. This species of fish, native from the African continent, has adapted itself very well to Brazilian climate and is now raised in large fish farms throughout Brazil, mainly for its meat consumption.   

Many years of development and researching have brought us knowledge to offer high quality fish leather, with a wide variety of colors and finishing, always allied to a 100% vegetable process. This kind of processing doesn't use chrome or any other metals to the tannery; tannin, a powder extracted from some threes, like Acacia, is the only agent responsible for tannery.  

We have chosen an old farmhouse as a place of work and experimentation, which is, until today, where the careful and 100% hand-made process is held.  At Aguapé, we produce fish and frog leather especially for the fashion and design projects of our Brazilian and International clients. We strive to promote the innovative and elegant use of this exotic material.  


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